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Poplar Co. Ltd Switches to Rimini Street Support for SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Sybase IQ Database Software

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AWS Glue with SybaseIQ

I have had success connecting AWS to a variety of data sources such as SQL, Oracle. However, I have recently been asked to connect to SybaseIQ database and so far had no success. Does anyone have any experience using AWS Glue with SybaseIQ as a source? Thanks.
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Anyone have experience with Sybase IQ?

Quick background: I'm a DBA with around a dozen years of professional experience. Most of that time has been spent in Windows+SQL Server environments, but I also have a bit of AIX+Oracle in my work history.
I'm considering a job working with Sybase IQ. I didn't know anything about it so I did a bit of research. It's a "column-oriented" database, so it's geared towards warehouse and reporting databases. I'm looking to hear from anyone who may have first-hand experience working with it. Pros, Cons, Tips, Anecdotes, whatever.
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Sybase IQ - Express Edition is available for free

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ELT tool suggestions / experiences

Hello everybody!
I am in the process of designing a data lake with data warehouse components. I have chosen Exasol as DWH database and data lake is AWS S3.
I am looking into ELT tool to connect the sources (Sybase IQ, Streaming, etc.) with thr AWS S3 and S3 with DWH for transformations:
Sources -> E(T)L -> S3 -> ELT -> Exasol + transformations in SQL
ELT tool requirements for the Extract Load Transform workflow management using UI:
A) ability to setup workflow pipelines using drag-n-drop interfaces: multiple sources to destination (Exasol)
B) ability to setup transformations (SQL in Exasol) using no-code approach: join schemas, tables, columns, filtering, sorting, limiting and data transformations all within Exasol using tools GUI
C) [optional] versioning of transformations and ability to export/import and implement IaaC approach, e.g. manage configurations, SQLs in remote git-versioned files and deployability of them.
D) [optional] different environments (dev/test/prod) for different users, different sources, destinations and transformations
Tools which I am still researching:
Please tell me:
Thank you in advance!
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Need a crash course on different database terminology and tech

I've started my first job out of college recently. Learning SQL itself is the easy part. What I want to learn is all different terminology and types of databases that are associated with it. On the job I'm bombarded with terms like MemSQL, Hadoop, MySQL, Sybase IQ, RedShift, BigQuery, ANSI, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Data Lakes vs Warehouses, data refinery platforms and a whole lot more related to overall data flow etc. and it's a lot to take in and just kind of mushes together in my head in an indistinct fashion.
Rather than look at each thing individually as it comes up I figured I should just find a guide on Database Tech 101, except everything I find is focused on learning SQL primarily. I'm not looking for a course that tells me what a SELECT and WHERE clause is in an agonizingly slow manner; I already know that. I need to learn more about databases at a conceptual/abstract level along with all the tech and how they're differentiated. Anything like that out there?
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[Hiring] Qlikview/BO Developer - NYC - Cognizant Softvision

We are looking for an exceptional Qlikview/BO Developer to work with our cross-functional team and join our world-class community of talented experts. If you are interested in learning more. Please email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Job Description:
Required Skills:
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Looking for Data Virtualization Product Input and Reviews

I'm looking for input/reviews from those with practical experience with [Data Virtualization][1] products. Specifically, I would like to put up a data virtualization facade that can be used by Business Intelligence tools (e.g., Tableau, InfoView, PowerBI, etc.) and/or a Java application. It needs to be able to connect to Oracle, MS SQL Server, Snowflake and Sybase IQ and ideally would include smart caching, etc., for better performance, especially when joining tables across DB's.

I did find this https://www.datamation.com/big-data/top-data-virtualization-tools.html of "top 10" products, but I am looking for more practical details. If possible, please include details on:

- Ease of configuration, implementation and maintenance
- Whether the product requires access to your data (i.e., a service) or can be run in-house or on cloud service provider.
- General performance
- Any gotchas, limitations or difficulties in using the product?

Some products in the running (unfortunately, all of these require you to sign up for a demo to get a peek):

- Denodo
- AtScale
- Tibco
- Data Virtuality

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Which is the best database services support provider company?

Ahana is one of the leading Database Management Service Providers in India and the EMEA region. They have excelled in Database services over the last ten years, to name a few, in performance tuning of Sybase ASE, heterogeneous replication involving Oracle and MSSQL servers as source systems, and setting up enterprise data warehouse infrastructure using SAP IQ.
#DataWarehouseasaservice #DataWarehouseManagement #DataWarehouseServices
Some of the Benefits for the Customers are :
For More info Visit: https://www.ahana.co.in/database-services/
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Automated Database Security Scanners

Does anyone know an automated database security scanner like AppDetective or Scuba that supports SAP Sybase IQ databases? All of the ones I know of only do ASE type databases.
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[Hiring] Parsippany - Lead Sybase DBA

PM me for more info or to apply:
This role is responsible for monitoring, performance tuning, backup and recovery, change control, upgrading and securing the Sybase ASE 12.0, 15.0 and IQ 12.6, 15.3, 16 for 24x7 business critical production and pre-production environments on Windows and LINUX platforms. Serving as the technical lead for the Sybase team in architecture and application development meetings. Create new policies and procedures, as well as update existing ones, in according to evolving industry best practices and standards.
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تداول الخيارات الثنائية الباينري اوبشن افضل شركات ومنصات وهمية ام موثوقة مرخصة

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