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2018 Prius needs 14k in repairs, I have three options. Help me decide.

Very sad to be writing this post but I crashed my Prius due to being intoxicated. Nobody else was involved, just me and my Prius. My tire blew out and I had to abandon the car on the road. The cops found it and towed it, luckily he did not write me a ticket or anything. I then had it towed to a repair shop where they had to take some parts off in order to get a correct estimate. They’re estimating 14k, which is twice as much as I was expecting.
I’m 24 and still on my parent’s insurance and since alcohol was involved, they do not wanna go thru insurance. I will be paying everything out of pocket with my own money. They have given me three options:
Option 1: Sell the Prius for parts and use that money to pay off the remaining 10k left in payments on it. Then I would need to put a down payment on a used car and pay the monthly payments on it. My parents have also said that I will need to start paying half of the insurance.
Option 2: Pay 14k to have the Prius repaired, and after that I would be paying for half of the insurance on it.
Option 3: Wait until the police report comes out to see if the cop mentioned alcohol, and if he didn’t, then maybe we can go thru insurance. I don’t even know if there will be a police report since I didn’t get a ticket.
I’m leaning towards option 1. I really don’t wanna drop 14k on repairs but since the car is only 2018 and has around 70k miles on it I can’t decide. Any advice is appreciated. I’m just feeling so ashamed and sad right now.
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Catalytic converter stolen from 2014 Prius (Gen 3) in Chicago. Might be leaking coolant. Is aftermarket an option? Cat part numbers/models to look for, and price?

Title. On the way to the dealership now (body shops have no openings).
If OEM is the only way to go, what's the estimated time on the backorder?
Update: OEM is backed up til Christmas at the very least, according the dealer, so it's going to a shop that said they can take it. Fingers crossed that they can fix it and in a reasonable time.
Update 2: Shop says an aftermarket for a Gen 3 might be a week or two out, but that's a far better estimate than the dealership gave me--plus it's in my insurance's network, so that'll be taken care of better than the dealership would be as well. Shop says 3500 for full replacement costs, but I guess I'm getting my insurance's worth.
Update 3: Sadly a cat ripped out of a Gen 3 is harder to replace, as others have noted. I may very well be on the same OEM wait list as everyone else in the country. Here's hoping my mechanic can find an aftermarket that'll fit properly.
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Hope the 2023 Prius comes with a fixed position rack option.

All it needs is four machine screw threads in the tracks and you can install fixed position racks that don't scratch up the roof. Would think this car would be easy to mount a 14+ foot kayak on and off if it had one. Hopefully they can install the option on order.
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2023 Prius question about options

I've dabbled with trading in my Prius for a 2022 model, but looking at the 2023 models have me psyched.
The car seems prettier and I love the fact that the battery range is increased about doubled -- that'll mean the lion's share of my driving will be all electric. (I strongly prefer plug-in hybrids to all electric vehicles just for the range.) The big thing I don't like is buying a first-model-year after a revision.
Toyota still hasn't updated their build page but I'm eager to see what feature options/combinations are available.
Having read lots of articles about the new 2023s has anyone found details about options? The roof-top solar panel seems like a no-brainer. Any articles on the 2023s worth reading?
Edit: Corrected battery range.
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I lost the keys to my Prius but my car is still on. What are my options here?

I thought I dropped my keys below my seat a few days ago. I live in a rural area where I don't have to worry about break ins as much so I thought I would grab them later. Today I noticed the key indicator indicating the key wasn't in the car. Figured it was glitching and would go away in a few minutes. It hasn't. Can't find the key.
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Prius makes Consumer Reports Top 10 Most Reliable Cars for the bazillionth time :)

  1. Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Reliability: 93
  2. Lexus GX, Reliability: 91
  3. Mini Cooper, Reliability: 89
  4. Toyota Prius, Reliability: 89
  5. Mazda MX-5 Miata, Reliability: 85
  6. Lincoln Corsair, Reliability: 82
  7. Toyota Corolla, Reliability: 81
  8. Subaru Crosstrek, Reliability: 80
  9. BMW 3 Series, Reliability: 80
  10. Toyota Prius Prime, Reliability: 77
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2011 Prius Catalytic Converter Stolen - options?

This probably comes up a lot.
I live in California and my cat got stolen. I called some muffler shops and they were saying new cats are on back-order and not currently available. They seem to be in stock now, but the price went up a lot (currently $3k?). I'm wondering if anyone has gone a different route than just buying a new cat. Not only is $3k almost half of what I paid for the car, but it's probably just going to get stolen again.
  1. Are there cheaper CA-approved cats available? or does it have to be the $3k OEM? I see a $800 option that is only legal outside of CA/WA/NY. I was told they won't ship it to CA. If I had that installed at least I could drive it and sell the car out of state.
  2. Is it possible to put in a flex-pipe? I looked underneath and the pipe would need to curve and be around 30 inches. Then I could at least drive it out of state and give it to my mom or something.
  3. What is the likelihood of finding a smog check that doesn't verify the cat is CA-compliant? Google says a fine of $150-1000 for attempting to obtain a bogus smog - which is not bad sounding imo.
  4. How much is a cat-less prius worth? Would it be whatever the current rate is minus the cost of a new cat, or are people willing to buy it and take it out of state who will pay more?
  5. Has anyone ever heard of renting/borrowing an OEM cat just for the smog check? or am I talking crazy now?
I may still be in denial about how expensive an OEM cat is. Please tell me I misread something and that there is a cheaper way.

UPDATE: Apparently it is ILLEGAL to buy, sell or install a used cat in CA. I called a few scrapyards and found out they really don't care that it's illegal to sell used cats. Said they would sell and install one for $1,500 cash. Much better deal, but I have to somehow drive my car there while it sounds like a jet engine having a stroke.
I've also called a few people on Craigslist who listed a prius for parts. I found one selling their cat for $1,000, but... he said the cat was already cut off but they caught the thief in the process. I asked if he also had the rest of the pipes that were attached to the cat, and he said he sold them already (I'm pretty sure they're not in demand/worthless) and he didn't want to meet at the prius it was supposedly coming from. So I'm thinking it was probably stolen.
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Best Repair Option for 2020 Toyota Prius

Hello all,
Brand new to Salem, actually driving up there with our uhaul as I’m writing this. Our 2020 Toyota Prius was struck but some large metal object while on the 5 a couple hours ago and left major cosmetic damage to the passenger front side door and some other damage to the side bumper.
Does anyone have any recommendations for the best price and quality in town?
Thank you so much for your help it is much appreciated!
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I’m planning my roof rack. My desire is raised side rails with parallel cross bars. Is this an option on my 2013 Prius C?

The internet search returns seems to mix rail with rack, so there is no clear answer for my Prius. Also, I have not yet found an image of this design on any of the Prius C pictures. Does anyone have this set up, or knows of it? What are my options? Thanks.
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Headlight upgrade options for gen 2 prius.

Im looking for a upgrade to my 06 prius that have standard headlights. Its not producing enough light during the night for me. I would like to know what my option are. I have bough some brighter more expensive lightbulbs from autozone before but they dont tend to last very long. I've been thinking about looking around at junkyards to find a prius with HID housings and swap them but im not sure that going to provide more light. Anyone with experience with whether the swap is worth it or not would be appropriated. Otherwise it looks like my other option is buying a decent LED bulb that hopefully works well in the stock housing. Again if you run LED bulbs and it works better then stock please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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Requesting some advice and guidance re: purchasing a new or used car. Choices are: HRV, CX3, Corolla Cross or prius; budget around :$30k; criterion: good mpg, very low cabin noise , rear seat vents. open to other options (sedans or small suvs).

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Wondering how much you guys think I should charge for an 8x8 coquito tres leche cake? Cake and whipped cream are homemade and I’ll also have toasted coconut as an option for the top.

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Is an AWD Toyota Prius really my only option?

Hi all,
Got a new gig that'll be taking me out of NYC and moving into NJ. Coming originally from a warm state, I've never driven in snow and am aware "fwd with snow tires is good enough" but I think my girlfriend and I both would rather have AWD. Initially went down the Subaru rabbit hole but no real good options for hybrids. I will be doing hybrid WFH but with potential very long commutes a couple times a month (130-150ish miles) and girlfriend is fully WFH, so really looking for a hybrid. Doesn't seem like many high MPG hybrid sedan AWD options exist and we have no plan for kids and no real need for an SUV.
Just wondering if there are any options I'm not thinking about but all points to an AWD Prius. Between used car pricing and MSRP mark ups, the idea of spending that much on a Prius is heart breaking but if it's the best choice, so be it.
Budget goal is 25k for a new car, I'd love to buy used outright but don't think I'll find something that fits that bill. Seems like the AWD Prius will be a 30k+ option, I can stretch if needed. I'm open to new / used and the only feature I'd really want is assisted cruise control or whatever they call it where I can use it in stop & go traffic in the North East.
Thanks all,
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Prius throwing C1300 and PO420 codes, what are my options?

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Time Attack Toyota Prius attempting to knock the McLaren F1 off the top spot on the speederboard, can it even be done? finished in the legendary Toyota Supra livery from the Fast & Furious movies with the engine and suspension colour matched in more of a metallic finish. What do you think? (MOD)

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Prius has a widebody option.

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And Garak moves to top option if being asked by Bashir

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Hello! I’m a medical courier(not forever) and currently drive a 2013 Honda Accord I’m going to need a replacement soon. I know the best options are Prius and Honda Civic but I’m interested in the Acura integra 2023. Is it okay to drive more than 1500 miles a week on a brand new integra?

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Replaced the rad in my 2008 Prius. All the clips holding the splash shields, fender liners, bumper cover and rad top panel are either damaged, compromised or replaced with zip ties…

… anyone have a guide to show what clips are needed where and how many I need to purchase?
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A family member topped of my Prius gas (about a third of a tank), with Ethanol, how bad is that?

Like the title says, a family member used my car and topped off my gas tank, but they used Ethanol, I’m not sure what percentage.
I looked into the possible outcomes and I’m getting mixed results all the way from “your car totally screwed” to “one tank won’t kill it”. I called my local Toyota Direct and of course their response was to bring it in and pay them a lot of money for stuff, but the guy there also said it may not be a major issue.
On the bright side, it’s less than half a tank, closer to a third. Should I be worried or should I just keep an eye open and be cautious.
I tried to siphon the gas out and it didn’t work, the guys at Auto Zone couldn’t do it either.
Thoughts? Any advice is appreciated
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Carlos Correa Is Giants' Top Option Among Free Agent Shortstops

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Surprise on top of the Prius drive battery

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TOYOTA PRIUS 1.8 Top Option ซันรูฟ ปี 2014 Reviewing Prius 2006 and 2007 Full-option - YouTube របៀបមើលឡាន Prius 2005 Full Option - YouTube YouTube Review Prius full-option,half full - YouTube

#Toyota #Prius 1.8 Hybrid TOP ปี 2013**ถูกที่สุดในตลาดตอนนี้ รถสวย พร้อมใช้งานทันที**รถวิ่ง 120,000 กิโลเมตร เซอร์วิสตลอด รถสภาพพร้อมใช้งานพวงมาลัย Multi-Functi 6 Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Top option grade Cars for Sale in Thailand. All Dealer . Hot deals. On. Off. Overall Rating for this model (3 Reviews) 4.7 » View More . 17 Used. Compare Save. Featured. Toyota Prius. 4.7. 205 - 210K KM . Automatic . Bangkok . Dealer This is a trusted dealer which have passed the verification by specified criteria. This dealer is a member of the Used Car Operators ... Prius models with navigation are easily identified by the 4 hard buttons on the left and 3 on the right of the (MFD). Units that are not equipped with navigation only have 2 buttons on either side. There will also be a fourth cluster of buttons on the upper right section of the steering wheel to initiate voice commands, toggle the info screen and answer calls via Bluetooth. There is also a DVD ... Entdecke jetzt die effiziente Plug-in-Technologie mit dem Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Prius Plug-in und nutze mehr elektrische Reichweite bei weniger Emissionen. Top Schedule test drive for 2010 Prius Option 4. Your Name. Email Address. Phone. Set Date. Message. Submit Make an offer for 2010 Prius Option 4. Your Name. Email Address. Phone. Your Price. Message. Submit Message. This listing is pending and you will receive an email once it is approve. Okay ...

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TOYOTA PRIUS 1.8 Top Option ซันรูฟ ปี 2014

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