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[Kyed] 2020 NFL Draft QB class @PFF grades through two weeks: 1. Jalen Hurts: 84.1 2. Justin Herbert: 73.3 3. Tua Tagovailoa: 73.1 4. Joe Burrow: 60.1 CAREER @PFF grades: 1. Justin Herbert: 89.8 2. Joe Burrow: 89.4 3. Jalen Hurts: 75.4 4. Tua Tagovailoa: 69.8

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2020 NFL Top 100: #60, Logan Ryan

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r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2020 Season - #60-51

Welcome to the reveal for players ranked 60-51 for this year’s NFL Top 100 Players for the 2020 Season!

Players whose average rank had them land in places 60-51 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished 2020 with.
Below you will see write-ups from rankers summarizing the players' 2020 season and why they were among the best in 2020. Stats for each player are from this season and are included below. Additionally, their previous ranks in this long running series are also available for all of you.
Lastly, we have a return of the individual player cards this year with some fun “facts” about each player.
  1. A CALL FOR RANKERS just before the Super Bowl.
  2. Rankers for each team nominated players to rank. 10 Games Played Minimum Threshold. Players are associated with the team they finished the 2020 Season with.
  3. The Grind. Utilize ranking threads for individual rankers broken up by positional groups. Users were tasked with ranking players within the following tiers based on their evaluation: T-25, T-50, T-100, T-125 based on 2020 regular season only. There were no individual user case threads. There were no arbitrary position limit caps. Just questions and rankings.
  4. Users submitted their individual Top 125 list.
  5. User lists were reviewed for outliers by me with assistance from two former rankers. Users were permitted to correct any mistakes found. Once complete, lists were locked.
  6. Reveal the list… right now.
So now, without further ado, here are the players ranked 60-51 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2020 Season!

#60 - Frank Ragnow - Center (OC) - Detroit Lions

Previous Ranks*
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Player Profile Card
Written By: mattkud
With another disappointing season from the Detroit Lions and another HC/GM combo fired there were few bright spots for the Lions. Frank Ragnow was one of them. Recently signing a massive 4 year $54 Million deal, Ragnow has proven himself to be a massive building block in Detroit's rebuild.
Frank Ragnow was a top center in the league in 2021. He took a huge step up with his power and skill in pass protection. He uses grip strength, control and toughness to finish his blocks. He allowed 0 sacks in 2021 and was 4th in pressures allowed. He was also 3rd in pressures per snap. Here's an example of Ragnow moving upfield with a screen pass to go for 6. He wins regularly with athleticism.
Ragnow's best part of his game is his power in the run game. Ragnow was 2nd in PFF's run block grades. He was apart of the Lions slowly but surely improved running game. Ragnow is a bonafide STUD, puts Akiem Hicks on the ground with ease. Here is another reason why the Lions made Ragnow one of the highest paid centers in the league, moves Danny Trevathan back creating a large hole in the middle.
Overall, Bob Quinn made a few decent selections as GM, with his best one being the 60th best player in the NFL in 2020. Frank Ragnow is a key piece in the Lions foundation and will only continue to rise as one of the best Centers in the league for many more years.

#59 - Ryan Tannehill - Quarterback (QB) - Tennessee Titans

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R 68
Player Profile Card
Written By: ThatOneGuyFrom93
Ball-placement, anticipation, and fearlessness. Those are the main tools Tannehill used that led to his incredibly efficient 2020 season. Ryan Tannehill returns following his stellar 2019 Comeback Player of the year season, and he did not disappoint. In 2020 Tannehill ended the regular season with 4085 total yards, 40 total touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. He was 5th in the NFL with a 106.5 passer rating, tied for 4th in yards per attempt with 7.9, and he finished 4th in QBR at 78.4. The man also was a closer, leading the NFL with five 4th quarter comebacks and six game-winning drives.
What stood out to me watching Tannehill this season was his ball placement on deep passes. He routinely maximized what was available on these throws; receiving a 93.4 PFF Grade on 20+ yard throws. Hitting receivers in stride so they did not have to adjust for the pass or slow down to give the pass a chance. Notice the ball placement on these two deep throws. The wideout is able to maintain his position with the defender due to the accuracy of the pass and defender has no chance at interfering with the pass.
Another thing that stood out to me was how little the pass rush affected his accuracy. Given that it was not a free release to the QB, Tannehill routinely stood in the pocket and delivered pinpoint passes while getting drilled by a rusher. In fact, against the blitz he was exceptional. With an 89.8 PFF grade against the blitz he posted 14 TDs and 2 INTs. Notice that most of these passes are also deep throws where he anticipates the coverage and delivers a ball that catches the receiver in stride. 1, 2, 3, 4. Tannehill was not a one trick pony. He had the wheels to complement his consistently accurate arm. He ended the season with 7 rushing touchdowns and was clocked at 20.13 mph on a TD run, which was tied for 2nd behind Lamar Jackson’s (21.01 mph and 21.13 mph) clocked speed. Green Bay witnessed this first hand on a 45 yard TD run.
Some may attempt to discredit Tannehill’s performances by pointing out stats such as total passing yards or that he’s only good in play action passes with Henry executing a fake, but in my opinion, neither of those are good takes. When we talk about passing yards, we have to also keep in mind passing attempts. If we take into account that he was tied for 4th in yards per attempt we can clearly see that he does not “Dink and Dunk”. He throws the ball aggressively down the field with intermediate and deep throws. And with play action, he’s completed over 60% of his passes for 12 TDs and 3 INTs. Without play action, he’s completed over 68% of his pass attempts for 21 TDs and 4 INTs.
I’d say he has truly broken out. Again.

#58 - J.C. Tretter - Center (OC) - Cleveland Browns

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Player Profile Card
Written By: wrhslax1996
Center is, in my opinion, one of the most often overlooked positions in football. On each team, the Center is instrumental in diagnosing defensive fronts, making blocking assignment calls, and being a force in the run game. If a center is lacking in any of these areas, then that OL as a unit will underperform. J.C. Tretter is a great watch because he's smart and really great in space.
Regarding pass protection, there's not a whole lot to say. Tretter is super solid, provides help whenever and wherever needed, and ensures that no pass rusher is unaccounted for. Tretter always knows where he (and the Guards on either side of him) are and slides to whichever side requires more attention. However, on the off-chance you catch him 1v1, he is more than capable of stonewalling you as seen here against Pittsburgh's Tyson Alualu. Tretter gets hands on and never overextends his upper body when Alualu tries to get around him. Keeping his base square, shoulders parallel to the LOS, and eventually using the DT's momentum against him to force him into a mass of bodies was instrumental in keeping Baker clean throughout most of the season.
The run game (and screen game) is most often where great centers shine. I'll start with this clip during which Tretter sells the fake until he needs to block downfield. He breaks off his man, re-engages a few yards later, and hustles his ass downfield to help create a crucial first down late in the game vs JAX. There's something extremely fun about watching a big man haul ass downfield while keeping pace with the RB. Watch this clip. There's something I find hilarious about him making his initial block, breaking off, going out of frame, only to reappear 3 seconds later still finding guys to block 30 yards downfield. Other defenders were there to make the play, but believe me when I say this hustle never leaves his game. Additionally, Tretter's ability to seal DTs and create insane space for his RBs was one of the most important aspects of Cleveland's 2020 offense. Finally, and I have a lot of clips of this, when he pulls in the run game some poor LB or DB is going to get engulfed by 307 lbs of pure man meat. He moves insanely well in space for a man his size and he's really fun to watch.
As a parting gift, here's a compilation of him just shredding the Eagles last year. The Eagles had one of the best interior defensive lines in the game, but he was still able to consistently pull cleanly and get wins against some nice players. He also succeeded in making the Eagles LB corps look worse than usual. He's extremely talented and I cannot wait to see him and the rest of the Browns OL keep killing it next season.

#57 - Wyatt Teller - Offensive Guard (OG) - Cleveland Browns

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Player Profile Card
Written By: UnbiasedBrownsFan
In 2020 the Cleveland Browns rode to the playoffs on the backs of five stellar offensive linemen. Of all the linemen the most dominant performance came from Wyatt Teller, who despite playing only 11 games and only now bursting onto the scene was named Second Team AP All-Pro. While Teller was great in pass protection during 2020, allowing only three sacks on the season, he absolutely dominated in run-blocking and was a lynchpin in Kevin Stefanski's new offensive system which made the one-two punch of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt the backbone of the Cleveland Browns offense.
His impact on the rushing production of the team was absolutely undeniable. In 11 games with Wyatt Teller, the Browns averaged 178.6 yards rushing per game while in the 5 games without Teller, the Browns averaged just 81.8 rushing yards per game. The Cleveland Browns' five worst rushing performances of 2020 all coincided with games that Wyatt Teller did not suit up. But, Teller wasn't the only one putting in work on the run game, combined with Jack Conklin to his right and... what's his name to the left? I'm blanking on this one... Who was it? Oh yeah! It's right up there.

#56 - Leonard Williams - Interior Defensive Line (IDL) - New York Giants

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/A N/A N/A N/R 61 N/R N/R N/R
Player Profile Card
Written By: midgetpenguin
In today's NFL, there are a lot of amazing defensive linemen who wear the number 99, but we can all agree there is one that stands above the rest. Aaron Donald. BUT LEONARD IS VERY GOOD TOO.
Leonard “Best DT named Williams in New York” Williams had a major coming out party this year, wreaking havoc on opposing offenses. Coming into his 2020 campaign, Williams had only accumulated 17.5 sacks in 5 NFL seasons, struggling to live up to his 6th overall pick selection. With a new change of scenery, Williams had an insane 13 sacks, and has given the Giants exactly what they needed, an elite interior threat.
This Season, Williams statistics we're off the charts, ranking 2nd in sacks, 2nd in QB hits, 4th in QB pressures, and 6th in QB pressures, amongst interior d-linemen, all while only taking 3 penalties. He and his partner in crime Dexter Lawrence we’re the backbone of the Giants newly revitalized defense for the 2020 season, finishing as a top 10 defense for the first time since 2016 (30th last year), thanks hugely in part to Williams' new found heights.
If you’re looking for something to do while we all wait for football to come back, here are some highlights from Leonards breakout season. Look for Williams to take another step forward coming into the 2021 season, as the Giants try to battle a tight division for top spot.

#55 - Justin Simmons - Safety (SAF) - Denver Broncos

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R N/A N/R 24
Player Profile Card
Written By: BlindmanBaldwin
It’s not Joe Thomas — not even close — but there’s something to that number. Three years without missing a snap. Three years of not getting hurt, of not getting tossed from a game, of not even needing to sit a play out to tie a shoe. Three years of never getting taken off the field due to an inability to play against a particular offense, three years of unbroken stamina.
A lot can be said about Justin Simmons, one of the league’s premiere safeties and perhaps the only blue-chip player on the Denver Broncos over the last few years. His versatility in the defensive backfield, his ability to play the run and the pass. Vic Fangio’s defense asks a lot of his safeties and Simmons delivers. His steady leadership and commitment to the community, being the team’s Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee two years running. It’s easy to see why the Broncos made him the highest paid safety.
But that number — 3,212. It captures everything that is Justin Simmons. A relentless worker, committed to performing regardless of how bleak it gets out there. It is easy to get motivated to contribute to winning football. But to show up week-in and week-out, playing at a high-level for a team that trots out bottom-of-the-league offenses each year is a testament to one’s dedication to their craft. And that dedication is why Justin Simmons is a top player in the league.

#54 - Allen Robinson - Wide Receiver - Chicago Bears

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/A N/A N/A 44 N/R N/R N/R N/R
Player Profile Card
Written By: Butkus69
In 2020, Allen Robinson was the Bears offense for the majority of the season. He accounted 23.6% of the Bears total yards. This rate was higher than all other WR’s besides Stefon Diggs (24.2%). Robinson also accounted for 34.2% of the Bears net passing yards. This rate was higher than all WR’s besides DeAndre Hopkins (35.9%), and Justin Jefferson (34.9%). As any Bears fan knows, the rushing offense took a major step in week 12, as the ground game started carrying more of the load over the final six games. Until then, Robinson had accounted for 25.1% of the Bears total offense.
Among WR’s with more than 80 targets, Robinson ranked 3rd in targets, 6th in targets per route run (24.8%), and 3rd in drop rate (1%). As we all know, Robinson’s career has been plagued by poor QB play (Hackenberg to Bortles to Trubisky to Foles, please save us Justin Fields). That trend continued in 2020, and one has to wonder what Robinson could do with competent QB play. Among WR’s with 80+ targets, Robinson was the ONLY player to reach 1,000 yards on the season despite over 30% of his targets being contested. In fact, his contested target rate (32.7%) was almost double that of Davante Adams (16.4%). Despite the ridiculous volume that Robinson saw on poor throws and contested targets, he still ranked 13th in yards per target and 8th in receiving yards.
Throw it his way, and odds are he will come down with it. Whether the ball is out of reach. Whether the ball is overthrown. Whether the ball is underthrown. Whether he is being held by the cornerback. Or whether he looks like he will be taken down dead to rights, he has so much determination! This guy is like Stretch Armstrong in shoulder pads. And Ryan Pace, if you are listening, extend A Rob now. Bear Down.

#53 - Laremy Tunsil - Offensive Tackle (OT) - Houston Texans

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R N/R N/R 88
Player Profile Card
Written By: sanswagata
Laremy Tunsil has been worth the trade the Texans made for him, which is astounding because they mortgaged everything on him being an elite LT. His true skill shines in pass protection where he constantly stifles the opponent with great hand usage, an explosive pass set, and his quick processing ability. His run blocking is good as well, but he is not a Terron Armstead/Quenton Nelson type of mauler in the run game. It's more like he constantly does everything asked of him without the massive displacement or pancake type blocks which is still very valuable. Instead of showing off his pretty good run blocking let's look at his elite level pass blocking.
To start I want to provide some context for Tunsil's season. In pass protection he was tasked with the most difficult role out of any of the OTs that I watched. Constantly he was left on an island with an edge rusher and he did not get the benefit of nakeds off wide zone or screen passes which are both much easier assignments for offensive tackles. Instead the Texans slid the protection away from him and left him on an island with premier players like this play against Za'darius Smith. The two areas that jump out on that play are Tunsil's anchor to not give up ground on the bull rush and his ability to quickly move and mirror him as he goes left and right. In another very impressive showing of his anchor he was able to stop Cam Heyward's bull rush. To go with the anchor he has very impressive agility to mirror his assignment during pass sets. In case that wasn't good enough, here is another showing of his lateral agility to mirror pass rushers. This is an elite combo for offensive tackles to possess, because it both stops the power rush (anchor) and the speed rush (mirror) so now to be beaten the pass rusher has to out class his opponent technically. This is a difficult feat for pass rushers, because Tunsil has excellent hand usage and patience to go with his physical ability. He has the patience to wait to punch against guys who want to chop his hands and if they want to swipe him, he uses different levels and independent hands to keep a grip on his assignment. Another quick note on that play is that for my money Zadarius Smith possesses one of the top two or three swipes in the game. Tunsil shut that down like a McDonald's ice cream machine. Here is another high quality hand usage and patience showing. Just look how long he waits through the pass set before he finally punches and latches onto the defender. Lastly for his elite level pass protection is his processing. So he has the technical and physical abilities as shown, but does he have the mental side? Here he shows his mental prowess by gaining depth and waiting for the LG to punch over the DT on a T-E or TEX stunt. Next we have a similar play from him where he once again is tasked with helping the LG on the TEX stunt, but this time he also shows his high level ability as he is picking up Za'darius Smith as the looper. There is not a mask the defense can give that fools him. Plus to go with his ability to process what the defense is doing, he also has shown the awareness to know where his QB is at all times. Which is no small task given their QB last year loved to hold onto the ball and try to make something happen.

#52 - A.J. Brown - Wide Receiver - Tennessee Titans

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Player Profile Card
Written By: broccolibush42
AJ is one of the most physically dominant receivers in the game. A guy with speed and power that combines to make him one of, if not, the best YAC receiver in the game. AJ has crisp agility that makes his route running sharp. He can play on any part of the field and run any route on the tree. Seriously, his deep ball game is just as good as his short route game. AJ is 6 ft 225 lbs that can run a 4.49 40 yard dash. It's like someone took a prototype Derrick Henry body with a smaller frame and gave it all the receiving stats that Derrick lacks. AJ is built like a brick shithouse, just ask the Ravens defenders on what its like to try and tackle this man. And as if it wasnt hard enough to tackle him, his speed can be more than enough. Just watch this 73 yard TD against the steelers. He catches the ball short of the sticks in the middle of the field and straight up outruns the whole team after making the first defender miss. AJ had a big 2020 that was slowed down in part due to a knee bruise he dealt with all year, and playing in an offense that fed the shit out of Derrick Henry. With a new year and the addition of Julio Jones who is head and shoulders above his old counterpart Corey Davis, I expect AJ to explode onto the scene and insert himself as one of the best receivers in the game.

#51 - Aaron Jones - Running Back (RB) - Green Bay Packers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
N/A N/A N/A N/R N/A N/R N/R 69
Player Profile Card
Written By: IMissHarambe878
In his 4th year in the league, Pro Bowler Aaron Jones had a breakout season, finishing with the most yards and yards per game, 2nd most rushing touchdowns and tied most yards per attempt. Not only was he good running the ball, but catching the ball for 355 yards and 2 touchdowns off of 47 receptions. That’s better than OBJ in 2020! He only had 4 games where he ran less than 50 yards, 3 of those 4 being over 40 yards. Talk about that for consistency! Check out this game vs the Lions to see how good he can really be!
These numbers don’t just stack up on a personal level, but they add up league wide. Jones finished 4th for rushing yards, 4th in yards per game and tied 9th in touchdowns. His numbers stack up league wide, and show that he is a true Top 10 (borderline Top 5) running back in the league.
He became a massive ground threat in a pass happy team, and was instrumental in getting the attack going. He allowed Rodgers to perform at an MVP level, even with a below average group of wide receivers (besides Adams of course). If the Packers lose Aaron Rodgers this offseason, expect them to lean on Jones even further. Regardless, Jones could very well become a Top 5 running back this season.




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Frank Ragnow ranked #60 for 2020’s top 100 NFL players

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[Jake_NFL] I didn't want to get into @JoeGoodberry's twitter fight about RT facing at least as good pass rushers as LT but here I am Of PFF's top 10 most productive edge rushers in 2020, only 2 rushed more than 60% of the time from the left side. Carl Lawson, and Markus Golden.

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#60: Logan Ryan (CB, Free Agent) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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#60: Logan Ryan (CB, Free Agent) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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Top 5 Conferences & Colleges in the NFL Draft 2020 [OC, 60 sec]

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[Jeff Sherman] NFL Super Bowl LIV (2020) updated KC 6/1 LAR, NO, NE 8/1 LAC, Chi, Pit 14/1 Min, GB, Dal 16/1 Phi, Bal, Ind, Cle, Hou 20/1 Sea 30/1 Atl, Jax, NYG 40/1 SF 50/1 Car, Ten, Den 60/1 TB, NYJ 80/1 Wsh, Det, Buf, Cin, Oak, Ari 100/1 Mia 300/1

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[Highlight] Today might be 60 days until the 2020 NFL Season Starts. Let’s remember when Kaelin Clay spin moves Jets Long Snapper Thomas Hennessy’s soul and takes the 60 yard punt return for a TD. The Panthers won this game 35-27.

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"Who the heck is Zonovan Knight"? The impact of waiver wire running backs during fantasy football playoffs from 2015-21

Tl;dr: keep F5ing, monitor injuries carefully, and know that opportunity wins fantasy seasons, not actual football talent
The purpose of this exercise was to determine the impact that waiver wire running backs can have even in the latest stages of the fantasy season. For most, the result is going to be quantifying the obvious: late-season opportunities can turn JAGs into top-20 fantasy running backs overnight. However, I wanted to quantify just how often this happens, and to stress to everyone just how many potential starting RBs remain on the wire.
To evaluate this, I decided to go back to 2015 to see how many "outliers" existed. I do not have a specific definition of "outlier" - initially, I wanted to look at top 20 RBs in the fantasy playoffs that were outside the top 30 on the season overall. However, as I started looking into it, I took a "you'll know it when you see it" approach to the numbers.
As far as time periods go, I divided player rankings into "Playoff Rankings" and "Rest of Season Rankings." For the 2015-2020 seasons, I used rankings from weeks 15-16 cumulative as the "Playoff Rankings," and weeks 1-14 cumulative as the "Rest of Season Rankings." For the 2021 season, I modified to weeks 16-17, and weeks 1-15, respectively. Years are input to reflect a change in season.
The number shown is the rank amongst running backs only in standard scoring, not all positions.

Year Player Name Playoff Ranking Rest of Season Ranking
2015 Tim Hightower 3 91
Jerick McKinnon 5 89
Mike Gilislee 6 100
Rashaad Jennings 9 41
Joique Bell 13 59
Bilal Powell 15 51
James White 16 61
Donald Brown 18 114
Travaris Cadet 26 123
2016 Ty Montgomery 7 48
Deandre Washington 11 67
Robert Turbin 12 53
Zach Zenner 15 68
Derrick Henry (LOL) 17 47
Tim Hightower 18 39
Chris Ivory 21 39
2017 Dion Lewis 4 29
Gio Bernard 9 46
Bilal Powell 10 38
Kenyan Drake 15 43
TJ Yeldon 20 71
Kapri Bibbs 24 Did not play
2018 Damien Williams 3 82
Jamaal Williams 6 60
Elijah McGuire 10 74
Jaylen Samuels 11 75
Gus Edwards 13 58
Kalen Ballage 19 117
CJ Anderson 20 86
Darren Sproles 23 83
2019 Kenyan Drake 1 41
Devonta Freeman 11 32
Adrian Peterson 12 34
Rex Burkhead 14 61
Jordan Wilkins 17 78
Mike Boone 21 118
Myles Gaskin 24 108
Deandre Washington 25 51
2020 David Johnson 3 32
Jeff Wilson 4 46
Gio Bernard 7 44
JD McKissic 10 43
Leonard Fournette 11 50
Myles Gaskin 12 37
Tony Pollard 15 50
Samaje Perine 16 85
AJ Dillon 17 104
Salvon Ahmed 22 81
2021 Rashaad Penny 1 64
Devin Singletary 4 29
Sony Michel 6 38
Rex Burkhead 7 67
Justin Jackson 9 81
Boston Scott 11 55
D'Onta Foreman 14 60
Dare Ogunbowale 16 123
Rhamondre Stevenson 19 44
Jaret Patterson 23 87

On average, 7 of the top 20 fantasy running backs (35%) per season in the final two playoff weeks are "outliers" that were not top fantasy options throughout the season.
Obviously, this analysis is not perfect - it does not account for potential returns from injury (see: Rashaad Penny) or trades (Kenyan Drake). However, I encourage people to look through the list, and notice just how many players had league-winning weeks in the playoffs that were readily available for much of the season.
I'm stating the obvious here - but there are league winners sitting on your wire right now. Don't miss out on them!
EDIT: just wanted to add that there are other good ways to analyze this and attack it from other angles, including extending the “Playoff” period to three weeks and determining the number of top 20 running backs from weeks 1-14 that have “outlier” playoffs and don’t produce expected numbers (say, top 40).
EDIT 2: it’s critical to remember at this point in the session that talent does not matter. There are a ton of players on this list that never sniffed NFL success after. It is all about opportunity - and the lack of literally anyone else in the running back room.
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More than 60 players withdraw from 2020 NFL season over coronavirus concerns

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[Video] - More than 60 players withdraw from 2020 NFL season over coronavirus concerns

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Official r/NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Welcome to week 11 of the official NFL Power Rankings! The Rams haven't won in a month, and the Broncos can't beat Josh McDaniels, but at least they don't have first round picks to get their future hopes up. Are the Lions good? Are the Giants bad again? Are the Packers R-E-L-A-X-E-D? Where were u wen Zach Wilson was kil? Discuss! 28/32 reporting
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Chiefs -- 8-2 That was an MVP moment for Patrick Mahomes. Without his top three wide receivers for most of this game, Mahomes delivered (along with Travis Kelce). In terms of quality of his play, this has probably been Patrick Mahomes' best year of his career. Mahomes' pocket presence, which was a sore spot for him last year, has been great all year with him operating from the pocket well. Mentally, Mahomes is as advanced as he has ever been. He has also thrown much more tight window throws this year compared to years last, and yet his aDOT is actually much higher this year than last year. He is truly playing at an otherworldly level. Shoutout to the defense in this game, also, for holding the Chargers to 7 points in the second half. Chris Jones has been an absolute menace this year and deserves a couple votes for Defensive Player of the Year.
2. Eagles -- 9-1
3. Bills +1 7-3 THE LAKE ERIE DOMINANCE TOUR HAS BEGUN. Well, if you count the Bills beating themselves, it’s just continuing. This team needed a win, and they got it done, even after getting buried under a Josh Allen of snow, losing all but one full practice, and having to flee to Detroit. In fact, the team even looked pretty good doing it —as long as you ignore the first half. The Bills have struggled, but it feels like they’ve found their footing a bit again. Now it’s a quick turn around, and right back to D town for their 3rd Thanksgiving game in 4 years. They’ve done quite well in their past two turkey day showings, this will be a good chance to stack another win against a surging Lions team.
4. Cowboys +3 7-3 Its always fun to talk about the guy with 189 yards and 2 TDs, or the five guys who sacked Cousins, but this week, special teams gets the spotlight. How about the Maheratti? Brett maher made two 50+ yarders, and one from 60. Not only did he make it from 60, he had to wait for the previous play to be reviewed and then try again, and the second kick was better than the first. He extended his own record for most 60+ field goals in history, and is just having a career year.
5. Dolphins -- 7-3 Fun bye week watching our rival Jets lose a heartbreaker and their dysfunction at the QB position. Not so fun watching the Chargers lose a heartbreaker as a win over the Chiefs would've put us in 1st place in the AFC Conference. On Sunday we have our biggest trap game of the season playing the 1 win Houston Texans. It's a game we can't afford to lose considering the brutal 6 games that follow: @49ers, @Chargers, @Bills, vs Packers, @Patriots, and vs Jets. Going 4-3 over our next 7 games would be a massive win.
6. Ravens -- 7-3 The Ravens have led by 10+ at some point of every single game they have played this season, and would probably be 9-1 with the defense and run game we are currently fielding. Maybe Ravens fans are just gaslit by bad receiver play and drafting, but how is it that Duvernay is almost never getting involved??? Anyway time to get revenge for the OTHER expansion team that could've gone to Baltimore next week...
7. Vikings -4 8-2 In the aaaarms of the a-a-angelllll... Hi, I'm Sarah McLachlan. Fly awaaaaay from heeeere... Every week for the past decade, innocent quarterbacks in Minnesota are abused, beaten and crying out for help. For just sixty cents a day, you can help rescue quarterbacks from their abusers. Call now and be an angel to help the Vikings to afford an NFL-caliber right guard, a center who can do more than just run block or a swing tackle who doesn't single handedly lose games. May you fiiiiiind some comfort here...
8. 49ers +1 6-4 The 49ers gave the Mexico City fans (estimated 82% 49ers fans per Vividseats) what they came to see on Monday night. Jimmy G threw for 4 td passes, 2 to Kittle and 2 to Aiyuk, as the 49ers steamrolled the reeling Cardinals. The defense held their opponents scoreless in the second half for the third straight game and both teams had reserves playing in the 4th. The 49ers now are in a tie for first in the division with the Seahawks, and head back home for a home game against the Saints.
9. Titans +1 7-3 The Titans had their best offensive performance of the year scoring their first 4th quarter TD of the year, eclipsing 400 yards for the first time in 2022 and putting up a season high 27 points. The defense was hit again with the injury bug but did enough to keep the Packers offense limited for a win.
10. Bengals +3 6-4 "The Bengals have occasionally won in Pittsburgh, but not like Sunday. Two long, historic drives -- during which Burrow went 11 for 11 for 159 yards and two TDs -- slammed the door on the Steelers and opened new possibilities." -Jay Morrison the Athletic
11. Seahawks +1 6-4 Another Broncos L means the Seahawks win their bye week, as the 2023 pick Denver traded Seattle is now a top 5 selection. Let's ride.
12 Giants -4 7-3 They say all good things must come to an end... Any illusion of grandeur the Giants or their fans may have had was put to rest on Sunday, as not only did the team suffer a critical loss at home, but they lost even more players to injury on their godforsaken field... wait, did anyone ever say that all bad things must come to an end too? Because everyone and their mother is waiting for our billionaire owner to replace this damnable turf field with some grass. Now that that's over, specific game notes... uhh... our coaching staff is idiotic for putting our best corner on punt return duties and it bit them in the behind on Sunday. Yeah, that' s all I got. Gonna try and forget this one on a short week before Big Blue takes on Dallas for the Golden Turducken. Have a happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
13 Buccaneers +1 5-5 With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the bye week seems to be a turning point for Brady. In fact, in regular season games following the bye, Brady has been a cool 11-2 in remaining games for the season. After the Buccaneers unexpectedly poor 5-5 start to the season, the team will need that magic to continue. The Buccaneers' remaining opponents have a 30-38 record, with only the Bengals and 49ers spotting winning records. It's a relatively easy schedule to close out the regular season that only Byron Leftwich could squander.
14 Patriots +1 6-4 Once upon a time there was the “Butt Fumble”. Then it was Sam Darnold “Seeing Ghosts”. Now we have the “No” accountability game. It has become a time honored tradition. When the last ray of hope dies for a potential Jets franchise QB, the Patriots always seem to be there casting a shadow. I give thanks for the football gods and their generosity. The Pats O-line may be a mess. Our offensive scheme may be neolithic. Our own franchise QB may have the pocket awareness of a squirrel in the middle of a country road, but in a game so ugly it became beautiful, the Patriots took a Jets team with playoff dreams, dragged them down into The Swamp of Sadness and left them behind like Artax, while Marcus Jones did his best Falcor impression to keep hope alive. If nothing else, we have a new legend to tell. It will transcend the outcomes of this single season.
15 Jets -4 6-4 Does Zach Wilson suck? It sure does seem like it. Sunday’s game in Foxboro included the worst quarterbacking play you will ever see. Wilson could not hit routine screen passes. He was held to a completion percentage of 40.9%, 3.5 YPA, and took 4 sacks. Don’t be fooled by zero turnovers either, he had a couple passes that hit defenders in the hands. All that said, he’s coming out of stretch against some of the toughest pass defenses in the league. The past four games were against Denver (4th pass defense DVOA), New England x2 (1st), and Buffalo (7th). Next week the Jets play Chicago, who is 31st in pass defense dvoa. If Wilson can’t improve next week, he probably needs to be benched. This is a playoff team if they get even slightly below average QB play instead of the worst in the league.
16 Chargers -- 5-5 Considering the circumstance, loss might be more impressive than any win the Chargers have had all season, though that might be more of a statement on their wins. Due to a slew of injuries to defensive tackle, the Chargers defensive line consisted of Khalil Mack and the members of Maroon 5. On the other side of the ball the much-ballyhooed return of Allen and Williams lasted all of 6 snaps before Mike Williams reaggravated his ankle and was replaced by a door-to-door salesman. Still though their offense put up 27 points and it took some insane heroics by Mahomes to will them to 30. The story of the loss though was 1) key lapses in critical moments (especially on defense), 2) mind-bogglingly conservative in-game decisions and 3) the Chiefs having trump cards in Mahomes and Kelce.
17 Commanders -- 6-5 Washington took care of business and handily beat a team they were supposed to. That isn’t normal for Washington. Right now this feels like sustained competent football and not a fluky month. Since falling to 1-4, this team has turned around and won 5 of their last 6 and when you also consider that two of their losses came in very close games against Tennessee (8-3) and Minnesota (8-2) you can argue that they are playing pretty damn well. Going back to September, nobody would have imagined that The Commanders of all teams would be in the hunt in November. Next week is huge, as they have a chance to essentially knock Atlanta, whose hot on their heels out of contention in the wildcard race.
18 Falcons +4 5-6 For the first time in his career, Fields was blitzed on less than 10% of plays. On Sunday, he was blitzed once, and at a spritely 73, Dean Pees laid the blueprint on how to contain him. Fields still rushed for 85 yards, his lowest in three weeks, but it could have been much worse. Fortunately, Mariota had confidence for at least some of the game before going sadboi. In important news, for the first time since Eric Weems took the lead against the Packers in the 2010 divisional round, the Falcons returned a kickoff. As of Sunday against his former Bears, Cordarrelle Patterson now holds the NFL record with nine career return TDs. His last return was in 2020, playing for Chicago, against his former-former-former-former Vikings squad. Don't worry Flash, you're home now and half a game back.
19 Lions +5 4-6 What a difference a three-game win streak makes! Last time that happened for the Lions? Nov 2017, over GB, CLE, and CHI (two of the same three victimized during this run as well). Next up: Buffalo Bills, who got a chance to get accustomed to the stadium by virtue of their home game being shifted to Ford Field this week. Special callout for RB Jamaal Williams, who leads the league with 12 rushing TDs (and could have gotten his 4th of the day if the team hadn't given the ball to Swift instead to cap off their final scoring drive.) Complete Turnaround: Alim McNeil, Aidan Hutchinson, and Kerby Joseph all added to their highlight reels as they held their second opponent in three games under 20 points. The defensive unit, for as much they allowed the Bears to score early and often in Week 10, got several good stops late in that game to finish off that victory as well, allowing just one score in Chicago's final five drives and getting one of their own via a rare Lions D pick-six.
20 Packers -- 4-7 Thursday Night was the Last Call for the Packers. They needed a win to keep any realistic semblance of playoff hopes alive and they failed. Maybe they can run the table a la 2016 but even then 10-7 might not be good enough. The defense let Ryan Tannehill torch up Lambeau and the Titans DL just demolished our OL. At least Christian Watson is looking good!
21 Cardinals -3 4-7 ¡Keim necesita ser despedido! ¡Kliff necesita ser despedido! ¡Murray necesita dejar de jugar videojuegos! ¡Keim necesita ser despedido, por favor!
22 Browns -1 3-7 When it comes down to it, we were defeated by Tyler Bass. The Browns have one more week of flying under the radar and then Watson starts. Ugg.
23 Saints +5 4-7 2 quarters of this game made it look like another disatrous week for the 2022 Saints, as the Rams lined up to be the next to regain their confidence. But an explosion in the 3rd made all the difference. Chris Olave continues to produce and provide hope, and Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara got rolling. It's not rocket science to figure out these three can carry this team and should be prioritized, so hopefully after 11 weeks Dennis Allen has reached the same conclusion.
24 Colts +1 4-6-1 The more things change, the more they stay the same. I refused to accept this at first. I was sitting back on my couch staring blankly. An opening drive touchdown? What an unexpected turn of events, against the Eagles, no less. How was it so? I turned to my father, drifting away in our recliner with a beer to his side, and asked him. He shrugged and said, ""Saturday is the real deal."" I nodded my head. It was the only possible explanation. So many times have the Colts struggled to find their footing in a game, so many times have they trailed their opponents until opportunity knocks in the fourth quarter. This was different. We all saw the score: up by ten with fifteen minutes remaining. A war was going on. Every Philadelphian charge would be smothered with a blitz, and every one of their strikes would be shelled with an onslaught of savage cornerback play. But the stakes were high. Three minutes ticking. Colts up by six. Philadelphia ball inside Indy's twenty-yard line. I glanced at my father; a shared link of fear. We could both hear the game clock counting down in our heads. The football was like a nuclear bomb. If it hit the endzone, it would destroy our season. 3rd and goal. The secondary squeezes into position. Jalen Hurts snaps the ball. With no hesitation, he blasts forward. Our linebackers are too far away to make a tackle. Touchdown. Colts lose.
25 Bears -2 3-8 Another game, another late game loss. This time around, Fields was hampered by an injury and some truly questionable playcalling. But hey, the Bears would pick third if the season ended today. Can the season end today? The short-term results are ugly, but the long term is, like snow on the beach, weirdly fucking beautiful. The immediate concern is Justin Fields' injury, which on Monday was reported to be a dislocated shoulder, which was then contradicted by other sources. If the injury is anything serious, the Bears' will have to balance Fields' long-term health with the importance of continuing to build rapport with his fellow offensive players.
26 Rams -6 3-7 The Rams actually looked decent before losing Stafford and their 3rd string LT to injury, lending credence to the “beaten-up, not bad” rationale for struggles this season. That doesn’t mean critiques about playcalling and defensive schemes aren’t valid, but losing 8 offensive linemen, your QB, and one of the best WR’s in the league is tough to overcome.
27 Jaguars -- 3-7 🎶No Jaguars, no cry / No Jaguars, no cry / Everything's gonna be all right / Everything's gonna be all right
28 Steelers -2 3-7 Apparently they Bengals white uniforms have magic powers. It appears that those uniforms make Tee Higgins invisible to Steelers DBs until he catches the ball.
29 Raiders +2 3-7 This might be the worst Raiders team of the last 10 years or so, but at least we aren't as bad as the Broncos. I can hold my head high this week knowing that for the third straight year the Raiders have swept the worst team in the AFCW. I expect the only other game the Raiders win this year will be against the Patriots as a pseudo revenge game for McDaniels. I am prepared to watch us lose by 2-3 scores against the Seahawks this week.
30 Broncos -1 3-7 As a crewmate aboard the SMS Broncos Country I’d become accustomed to choppy seas. The rough water dulls the senses over time, same as it erodes rock. Captain Hackett, coward that he is, lets First Mate Evero manage the crew during foul weather while he hides in his cabin. Today, though, the sea would be calm were it not for the black flag growing closer from the south. “Ready cannons!” Yelled helmsman Wilson. Gunners ran the powder and munitions up onto deck. “Whose sails are those?” A muffled voice asked from inside the captain’s quarters. Watchman Kubiak lowered the spyglass from his eye and shouted from the crow’s nest: “Traitor Pirate McDaniels approaches, ready the pitch!” The crew exchanged glances. Pitch meant one thing – we weren’t going to flee, we were going to try to burn them down! “Prepare to be boarded!” Our initial salvo had failed to deter the scoundrel raiders who hunted us. An unwashed man, his face painted with black eyeliner, swung onto deck and struck me hard with the back of his blade. His expression was empty, as if he’d long ago felt the last pleasure of battle and drew blood now only to serve his crew. Dazed, I braced against the stern rail. My wandering hand found a torch, hot with pitch-fed flame. I swung unsteadily toward my foe. The sounds of my crewmates sloppily felled by pirate blades was a maddening din in my ears. My torch was easily batted aside, and in an instant the cur had buried his blade in my side. The torched wreckage of the SMS Broncos Country, that which hadn’t sank yet, that is, played coffin for my half-bled crewmates. The traitor McDaniels, having served with us before turning pirate, knew all too well how to exploit the weaknesses in our vessel; no doubt he sabotaged the ship himself in some ways those few years ago. The putrid stench of burning pitch and blood clashed with the taste of salt water was my arms lost purchase on the driftwood that had kept me afloat. As I sank, the sunlight fading from the surface of the uncaring ocean, my last thought was of the weak voice behind the cabin door and the captain who couldn’t lead his crew.
31 Panthers -1 3-8 Have you ever dreamed you were running from your certain demise? Your legs are churning, you’re sweating, your body is fighting to push ahead of the monster lurking behind you, snapping at your heels. Yet, try as you might, you feel as if you’re moving through quicksand. That’s what this Panthers season is like. No matter who we face, no matter what who we start at QB, no matter what gadgets we try or pieces we move, we’re always stuck in molasses while teams outpace us. Lamar Jackson decided to have his yearly immune system failure on Friday, shit out his guts, then beat us anyways. Because it doesn’t matter - the Doom finds us either way. Next week the Sword of Damocles that will snatch our heads from our necks will be a stale, discontinued Subway sandwich swung by Russ. And the end of the story will be the same.
32 Texans -- 1-8-1 While this season has been bleak, at least Texans fans can be thankful for some things. Jack Easterby is gone, which is nice. Deshaun Watson is gone, which is at least a moral burden that someone else has to carry now. We can be thankful for the week of cold rain that is keeping our region out of drought status. We can also be grateful that the team has at least won one game, so that the threat of a winless season isn't on the table. It's rough to support a team that only has silver linings. As the Counting Crows once said, "it's all a lot of oysters but no pearls". And while it'll certainly be a Long December for Texans fans, at least we know plenty of tasty ways to eat an oyster in Houston.
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Let's Talk About Teasers - Week 13 (5 weeks in a row at 85% win rate!)

What's up everyone, if you are unfamiliar with this post or new to the subreddit, one of the things we love to take a look at each week here are the NFL betting lines that follow along with the betting strategies that Stanford Wong outlined for us regarding NFL Teasers. YES if you look below they don’t follow along exactly with how he set it out for us but I have done extensive research into the historical data and outlined the reasoning for how we do it here.
If you are unfamiliar with Wong Teasers in general you can read the week 1 post from u/blackjack_counter who has since deleted his Reddit.
Or this Wong Teaser Basics Article I wrote over the summer.

6 Point Teasers

Our methodology for playing 6-point teasers is similar to Blackjack expert Stanford Wong's strategy:
NOTE: The original Wong Criteria do not include +3 or -9 but this is how the post was done previously so we will continue to use them. Over the past 3 years it has only made a difference of about 1.5% to include those.
It is not recommended to tease game totals.
The reasoning behind this methodology is that games are frequently decided by a final margin of 3, 6, or 7. So we play teasers in such a manner that we gain these numbers in the teaser movement.
In the week 1 post, u/blackjack_counter did a mathematical dive into whether we should be playing games at exactly +3, whether home teams are more reliable than road teams, and whether the total of the game matters.

Sweetheart Teasers

10-point teasers are often called "sweetheart" teasers. Over the past three years, underdogs of +1½, +2, +2½ were 139-21 (86.88%).
After looking at a small sample size in 2017-2020, I've decided to track 10-point teasers according to the following methodology:
  • For 10-point teasers, tease the underdog when the line is +1½, +2, or +2½;
  • Take the favorite at -10 or -10.5
  • Do not take sweetheart teasers at +3;
Reasoning: Over the past 3 years, favorites from -10 to -10.5 in a 10 point teaser have a record of 41-4 (91.1%) which is more than enough value to justify adding them to this.

Week 12 Recap Week 13 Preview

These are my opinions
Welcome back to the weekly Wong Teaser Preview article! In this article, we will take a look at the historical trends and current lines that meet the criteria of the famous blackjack bettor Stanford Wong. If you are unfamiliar with Wong Teasers be sure to check out our Wong Teaser Basics article.
Wong teasers are ALL the way back! Another 100% week! Even against the early spreads.
We have a smaller sample this week so hopefully another great week! So far I have bet the Giants +2 so I will probably have them in my Teasers as well despite their lack luster teaser record.
The only line that makes me nervous is the Bengals +2 just because they are playing the Chiefs. The Chiefs are always liable to run up a score randomly with their offense but they also have been playing some close games recently. I also think that it’s a revenge spot from the AFC Championship game so be weary of that angle as well.

Week 12 Results

*As of 09/13/21, the closing spread has been standardized to the s3.sportsdatabase.com SDQL query for each teaser record to maintain consistency.
Friday Spread 6 Pt 10Pt
Titans +2 WIN WIN
Bills -10 WIN
Patriots +2.5 WIN WIN
Steelers +2.5 WIN WIN
49ers -9 WIN
Closing Spread 6 Pt 10Pt
Cowboys -10 WIN
Patriots +2.5 WIN WIN
Steelers +2.5 WIN WIN
49ers -9 WIN
Cardinals +2.5 WIN WIN
Jaguars +3 WIN
Jets -7.5 WIN
Friday Record: 5-0 Closing Record: 6-0

Week 13 Lines

For the purposes of tracking the results and staying consistent, I will continue to use Bovada's OPENING line. Please note that the results posted next week may differ from what is below due to line movement
This will show the total and the Record of that team as a 6pt teaser in the current situation this week. So if they’re an underdog, their record below will be their record as an underdog. The total is only on this chart so you can reference it.
As of Wednesday morning, the unofficial list of Wong teasers this week are:
Friday Spread Total 6pt Teaser Record since 2018 10pt
Jets +3 44.5 9-1
Giants +2 40 7-7 2-3
Bengals +2 53 9-3 6-0
Cowboys -10.5 44 1-0
Sunday Spread Total 6pt Teaser Record since 2018 10pt
Jets +3 44.5 9-1
Giants +2.5 40 7-7 2-3
Bengals +2.5 53 9-3 6-0
Cowboys -10.5 44 1-0
Browns -8 46.5
Chargers +2.5 49.5
So how do I bet these? Typically, I will form 2-3 teasers taking in information from trusted sources and my own personal handicapping. Taking a look at their teaser records, line movements, etc. If you want less variance stick to 2 teamers. Yeah they dont have the nice + next to them but over the long run you will see more success.

Historical Wong Teaser Records

*As of 09/13/21, the historical data has been standardized to the s3.sportsdatabase.com SDQL query for each teaser record. This yearly data report is run through that year’s regular season. This data excludes pushes. EX: Year 2018 data is collected from Week 1 to Week 17. 2021 season will be 18 weeks.
6 Point
Year Spread Record Win %
2018 +1½ thru +3 59-18 76.62%
2019 +1½ thru +3 52-18 74.29%
2020 +1½ thru +3 60-16 78.95%
2021 +1½ thru +3 67-17 79.76%
2018 -7½ thru -9 18-3 85.71%
2019 -7½ thru -9 13-4 76.47%
2020 -7½ thru -9 25-3 89.29%
2021 -7½ thru -9 24-5 82.76%
10 Point
Year Spread Record Win %
2018 +1½ thru +2½ 35-3 92.1%
2019 +1½ thru +2½ 35-5 87.5%
2020 +1½ thru +2½ 34-6 85%
2021 +1½ thru +2½ 36-3 92.3%
2018 -10 thru -10 ½ 10-1 90.91%
2019 -10 thru -10 ½ 10-3 76.92%
2020 -10 thru -10 ½ 8-0 100%
2021 -10 thru -10 ½ 13-0 100%
Assuming a -120 payout for 2-team teasers, we must demonstrate better than 73.9% probability on each leg to show we have breakeven-or-better EV. For a -130 payout on 3-team sweethearts, that threshold is 82.7%. These are specifically for my book so yours may differ.
Teams Odds Implied Odds per Leg Threshold
2 -120 -282 73.8%
3 +150 -280 73.7%
4 +235 -283 73.9%
5 +350 -285 74%
6 +550 -273 73.2%
Overall Weekly Records for 6pt teasers over the last 4 years (Week 18 is only 2021)
Week Record Win %
1 22-4 84.62%
2 17-3 85%
3 26-2 92.86%
4 16-6 72.73%
5 19-4 82.61%
6 17-8 73.08%
7 15-6 68%
8 12-1 92.3%
9 17-3 85%
10 16-4 80%
11 14-8 63.64%
12 22-3 88%
13 17-4 80.95%
14 22-9 70.97%
15 18-4 81.82%
16 23-4 85.19%
17 9-7 56.25%
18 2-0 100%
This shows that, historically, week 3 and 8 are the best weeks to bet these teasers for some reason.

2022 Results

Teaser Spread Record Win %
6 pt +1 ½ thru +3 37-13 74%
6 pt -7 ½ thru -9 7-4 63.64%
10 pt +1 ½ thru +2 ½ 31-6 83.78%
10 pt -10 thru -10 ½ 6-1 85.71%
Week Record Win %
1 1-4 20%
2 2-2 50%
3 5-1 83.33%
4 3-3 50%
5 2-1 66.67%
6 6-1 85.71%
7 2-2 50%
8 5-1 83.33%
9 5-1 83.33%
10 5-0 100%
11 6-1 85.71%
12 6-0 100%

Original Criteria Results

3 years ago when this post started we have included +3 and -9 in the criteria. The Chart below is the results if you only played the original criteria outlined by Wong. Personally my guess as to what we will see here is the amount of games that meet the criteria will go down quite a bit and will result in a 1-2% win increase in the long run. But I could be completely wrong we will see!
Teaser Spread Record Win %
6 pt +1 ½ thru +2.5 26-10 72.33%
6 pt -7 ½ thru -8.5 5-3 57.14%
10 pt +1 ½ thru +2 ½ 28-6 82.35%

Regarding game totals < 49

The games with a total of 49 or less got brought up originally by u/blackjack_counter. In his week 1 post, he put:
Do totals matter? Another word of advice that some Wong bettors give is to only play games with low totals. The idea certainly makes sense: points are harder to come by in a low-scoring game, so the 6-point tease is worth more. But what does the data say about this in the last three years?
From 2018-2021, here are the statistics including playoffs:
Bet Record Win %
Underdogs +1½, +2, +2½, +3 234-65 78.26%
Total 49 or under (dog +1½ thru +3) 177-50 77.97%
Total 42 or under (dog +1½ thru +3) 36-13 73.47%
Bet Record Win %
Favorites -7½, -8, -8½, -9 76-15 83.52%
Total 49 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 60-11 84.5%
Total 42 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 12-1 92.3%
If you wanted to look at only home favorites (Wong's original criteria is home favorites):
Bet Record Win %
Favorites -7½, -8, -8½, -9 53-12 81.25%
Total 49 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 43-9 82.7%
Total 42 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 9-1 90%
Although, u/blackjack_counter proved in his week 1 post that only betting home favorites for Wong teasers proved not to be necessarily a great bet.
Here is the results for 2022:
Bet Record Win %
Underdogs +1½, +2, +2½, +3 37-13 74%
Total 49 or under (dog +1½ thru +3) 33-10 76.74 %
Total 42 or under (dog +1½ thru +3) 14-3 82.35%
Bet Record Win %
Favorites -7½, -8, -8½, -9 7-4 63.64%
Total 49 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 6-4 66.66%
Total 42 or under (fav -7½ thru -9) 2-2 50%
If there is anything else you would like to see in this post this coming season please comment below!
Too long slightly condensed version
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Boston/Utah 9/11

Boston/Utah 9/11 submitted by RubMyGooshSilly to nbacirclejerk [link] [comments]

إلغاء الرقم المميز

إلغاء الرقم المميز
إلغاء الرقم المميز
#الرقم_المميز #رقم_الزكاة_والدخل
شرح إيقاف الرقم المميز “شطب الرقم المميز”
من أجل شرح إيقاف الرقم المميز يجب العلم أنه بعد عملية شطب كل سجلات المنشأة التجارية إلى جانب الرخص والتيقن من عدم تواجد أي عمالة لازالت مسجلة تحت اسم المنشأة.
فيقوم المسؤول عن المنشأة بإنهاء أي التزام مع الهيئة، ثم تم ايقاف الرقم المميز “شطب الرقم المميز” حتى لا يتم احتساب عليه إي إقرار زكوي أو ضريبي في المستقبل إذا لم يقم المكلف بإلغاء الرقم المميز في مدة أقصاها 60 يوم من وقت توقف النشاط.
وإلا سوف تحتسب السنة الزكوية كاملة، ومن أجل إلغاء الرقم المميز للزكاة والدخل يمكنك القيام بما يلي:
سجل دخولك على الهيئة العامة للزكاة والدخل.
انقر على عبارة تحديث أو إيقاف التسجيل.
قم بالضغط على أيقونة إيقاف الرقم المميز.
قم بتحديد السبب وراء إيقاف التسجيل من بين الخيارات المعروضة أمامك، سواء الإفلاس أو الإستحواذ أو الاندماج أو التصفية أو تحول الشركة إلى مؤسسة.
أطلع على الذي يظهر أمامك ووافق عليه.
حدد التراخيص والفروع التي سوف تغلق.
إرفق المستندات والتراخيص مثل شهادة الشطب الصادرة من وزارة التجارة وأي مستندات ثانية.
اكتب المعلومات الشخصية ثانيًة من أجل التأكيد، وذلك في الأماكن المخصصة لها.
يجب العلم أنه لا يمكن أن يتم إيقاف هذا الرقم المميز إلا بعد التأكيد على إلغاء تسجيل المنشأة في ضريبة القيمة الانتقائية أو المضافة.
الآن قم بالتأكد من كون البيانات التي أدخلتها صحيحة، ثم انقر على كلمة تقديم.
سوف تستغرق عملية التحقق ثم الإلغاء مدة أقصاها 5 أيام عمل.
الاستعلام عن مستحقات الزكاة والدخل برقم المميز
الفاتورة الخاصة بمستحقات الزكاة والدخل هي فاتورة تفرض من الهيئة العامة للزكاة والدخل على أي مؤسسة، والتي يمكنك أن تستعلم عنها عن طريق ما يلي:
سجل الدخول على البوابة لهيئة الزكاة والدخل الإلكترونية.
بعد أن تدخل على الموقع، قم بالنقر على أيقونة الخدمات الإلكترونية.
انقر على تبويب خدمة الاستعلام عن المبلغ المستحق.
اختر أيقونة تقديم الإقرار.
حدد نوعية الإقرار المراد دفعه.
استكمل باقي تعليمات الاستعلام اللازمة لكي يتم بنجاح.
بعد أن تنتهي سوف تصلك رسالة نصية مدون بها قيمة الفاتورة المسجلة عليك أو على المؤسسة والمطلوب منك دفعها.
إلغاء الرقم المميز
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I'll just leave this here

I'll just leave this here
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A look into quarterbacks like Zach Wilson, who had games as bad as his from Sunday

I was curious by a comment asking about quarterbacks in their first or second year who threw for less than 100 yards, so using Stathead I made a table...
By "quarterbacks like Zach Wilson", I mean 1st round draft picks in their first or second season (from 2000 onwards)...
And by "games as bad as his", I mean games with <100 passing yards on >20 pass attempts...
Here is the table, sorted by oldest to most recent games...
Player G# Date Team Opp Result Cmp Att Yds TD Int Rate Draft
Cade McNown* 2 2000-09-10 CHI @ TAM (10-6) L 0-41 15 29 96 0 2 30.2 1-12
Akili Smith* 5 2000-10-08 CIN TEN (13-3) L 14-23 10 23 85 0 0 53.7 1-3
Akili Smith* 6 2000-10-15 CIN @ PIT (9-7) L 0-15 10 20 97 0 0 64 1-3
Akili Smith* 8 2000-10-29 CIN @ CLE (3-13) W 12-3 7 20 84 0 1 27.9 1-3
Akili Smith* 10 2000-11-12 CIN @ DAL (5-11) L 6-23 10 25 68 0 1 31.2 1-3
Ryan Leaf* 14 2000-12-10 SDG @ BAL (12-4) L 3-24 9 23 78 0 1 30.7 1-2
Cade McNown* 15 2000-12-17 CHI @ SFO (6-10) L 0-17 9 29 73 0 1 26.1 1-12
David Carr* 2 2002-09-15 HOU @ SDG (8-8) L 3-24 6 25 87 0 2 8.2 1-1
David Carr* 3 2002-09-22 HOU IND (10-6) L 3-23 12 22 99 0 1 47.3 1-1
Kyle Boller* 3 2003-09-21 BAL @ SDG (4-12) W 24-10 12 21 98 1 1 65.2 1-19
Kyle Boller* 11 2004-11-28 BAL @ NWE (14-2) L 3-24 15 35 93 0 1 38.4 1-19
J.P. Losman* 3 2005-09-25 BUF ATL (8-8) L 16-24 10 23 75 0 1 33.8 1-22
Alex Smith 5 2005-10-09 SFO IND (14-2) L 3-28 9 23 74 0 4 8.5 1-1
Carson Palmer 13 2005-12-11 CIN CLE (6-10) W 23-20 13 27 93 1 1 53.5 1-1
Alex Smith 13 2005-12-11 SFO @ SEA (13-3) L 3-41 9 22 77 0 1 31.8 1-1
Alex Smith 4 2006-10-01 SFO @ KAN (9-7) L 0-41 13 25 92 0 2 27.4 1-1
Vince Young* 5 2006-10-08 TEN @ IND (12-4) L 13-14 10 21 63 0 1 34.4 1-3
Matt Leinart* 3 2007-09-23 ARI @ BAL (5-11) L 23-26 9 20 53 0 0 52.1 1-10
Josh Freeman* 13 2009-12-13 TAM NYJ (9-7) L 3-26 14 33 93 0 3 12.1 1-17
Mark Sanchez* 1 2010-09-13 NYJ BAL (12-4) L 9-10 10 21 74 0 0 56.4 1-5
Blaine Gabbert* 7 2011-10-24 JAX BAL (12-4) W 12-7 9 20 93 0 0 59 1-10
Blaine Gabbert* 8 2011-10-30 JAX @ HOU (10-6) L 14-24 10 30 97 1 2 26.7 1-10
Tim Tebow* 16 2012-01-01 DEN KAN (7-9) L 3-7 6 22 60 0 1 20.6 1-25
Christian Ponder* 9 2012-11-04 MIN @ SEA (11-5) L 20-30 11 22 63 0 1 37.3 1-12
Ryan Tannehill 15 2013-12-22 MIA @ BUF (6-10) L 0-19 10 27 82 0 0 45.6 1-8
Marcus Mariota 13 2016-12-11 TEN DEN (9-7) W 13-10 6 20 88 0 0 45.4 1-2
Jared Goff 15 2016-12-24 LAR SFO (2-14) L 21-22 11 24 90 1 2 35.1 1-1
Marcus Mariota 15 2016-12-24 TEN @ JAX (3-13) L 17-38 8 20 99 1 0 72.7 1-2
Josh Rosen* 15 2018-12-23 ARI LAR (13-3) L 9-31 12 23 87 0 0 61.3 1-10
Baker Mayfield 5 2019-10-07 CLE @ SFO (13-3) L 3-31 8 22 100 0 2 13.4 1-1
Josh Rosen* 5 2019-10-13 MIA WAS (3-13) L 16-17 15 25 85 0 2 32.9 1-10
Sam Darnold* 6 2019-10-21 NYJ NWE (12-4) L 0-33 11 32 86 0 4 3.6 1-3
Tua Tagovailoa- 7 2020-11-01 MIA LAR (10-6) W 28-17 12 22 93 1 0 80.3 1-5
Tua Tagovailoa- 10 2020-11-22 MIA @ DEN (5-11) L 13-20 11 20 83 1 0 81.9 1-5
Tua Tagovailoa- 15 2020-12-26 MIA @ LVR (8-8) W 26-25 17 22 94 1 0 99.4 1-5
Justin Fields- 3 2021-09-26 CHI @ CLE (8-9) L 6-26 6 20 68 0 0 41.2 1-11
Zach Wilson- 17 2022-01-09 NYJ @ BUF (11-6) L 10-27 7 20 87 1 0 66 1-2
Zach Wilson- 10 2022-11-20 NYJ @ NWE (6-4) L 3-10 9 22 77 0 0 50.8 1-2​
Here are some numbers to indicate the company Wilson is in here...
Out of the 21 players (so not counting Tua, Wilson, or Fields), I can safely say that 6 (so 28%) are / were not busts. Some may be disappointing, but at least were able to produce somewhat (someone like Mariota is the perfect example)
But looking deeper, Wilson is in company of people who have multiple of these types of games. Out of the 8 players there, I can only say 2, Alex Smith and Marcus Mariota, are not busts (and Mariota isn't exactly Dan Marino either).
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My Favorite Buy-Low Candidates At Each Position


Two weeks of football are in the books, and it's time to make some trades.

Now that we have a good grasp on the strengths/weaknesses of our teams, a lot of deals should be getting made right about now.
While many people bandy about the "Buy-Low" moniker, it doesn't usually fit on the players they like to use as examples (Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, Kyle Pitts, etc).
Despite the fact that preseason ADP is now completely irrelevant, managers will still fall into the sunk cost fallacy, and will have a hard time sending away their early-round pick, in exchange for players who were drafted late, if at all.
(For example, the Kyle Pitts manager in your league is probably declining offers such as Higbee + Thielen, even if would help them a ton in the short term)

So with that in mind, here are some TRUE buy-low candidates that I think are currently undervalued (and you can actually buy).



Josh Jacobs (RB30 in HPPR)

Nobody was going out of their way to get Jacobs in drafts, and I doubt too many people are going out of their way to make sure that he stays on their roster right now.
Jacobs was the quintessential RB-Deadzone candidate this offseason, sliding into the 6th and 7th rounds as Labor Day Weekend approached.
The offseason signals from the Raiders were not encouraging:
Despite those factors, Jacobs has opened the season as the team's definitive RB1, logging hefty snap rates of 60% and 72%, and racking up opportunity totals of 11 and 20.
The usage is encouraging on its own, and when you look under the hood, you see that Jacobs's early statlines have not reflected his true effectiveness.
Here's where Jacobs currently ranks among all RBs in some key stats:
As you may have noticed, basically all of those stats relate to rushing. That's because Jacobs has only been targeted twice so far in 2022.
If you're not scoring TDs, and you're not catching passes, your value as an RB is severely capped in fantasy. Since Jacobs has yet to do either of those things in 2022, his perceived value is currently at its floor.
However, there's reason to believe that he can turn that around, and unlock some upside moving forward.
Jacobs already has 4 carries inside the 10-yard line (5th among all RBs), and he has 2 carries inside the 5-yard line (4th among all RBs). If he continues to see that kind of usage, he will surely start to cash in on some short TDs.
Also, despite his lack of targets, he has seen some surprising usage in the passing attack, which could be a harbinger of success to come.
Jacobs has lined up in the slot or out wide 17 total times so far. That's more than Cordarrelle Patterson, Tony Pollard, or Aaron Jones. In fact, only Darrell Henderson has him beat in that category among RBs (18).
So Jacobs is currently seeing borderline RB1 usage, and has posted some elite metrics on his touches.
His current ranking as RB30 betrays his actual value, so fantasy managers should see if the Jacobs manager in their league has been paying attention as much as Ol' Taffy. If not, Jacobs could potentially be snagged as a secondary piece in a larger deal.
Also, with the news of Jacobs potentially missing Week 3 due to an illness, he might be even easier to acquire in a deal.


Darrell Henderson (RB24 in HPPR)

In Week 1, the fantasy world was set on fire by Henderson's workload domination. In Week 2, the pendulum swung far in the other direction. I think it will swing back towards the center.
There's still a ton of ambiguity surrounding the Rams RB situation. If you want to capitalize on the uncertainty, now is the time.
In Week 1, Henderson was the unquestioned lead RB.
Hendo logged 18 opportunities on an 82% snap rate, a far cry from Akers's 3 opportunities and 18% snap rate.
However, in Week 2 it was Akers who logged 18 opportunities, on a 43% snap rate.
While Henderson saw his usage take a hit, he still logged 10 opportunities, on a 56% snap rate, and the Rams turned to him to punch in the goal-line score.
More importantly than the usage splits, Hendo has simply looked better.
While it was quite a shock to see the Week 2 workload splits, it can't be ignored that Akers has been unimpressive so far, while Hendo has looked like his well-rounded self.

Here's how the 2 RBs stack up so far in some important categories:
Henderson Akers
Yards Per Carry 4.1 2.4
First Downs 6 2
Missed Tackles Forced 2 4
Yards After Contact / Carry 2.4 2.7
Routes 59 18
Slot / Wide Snaps 18 2

As you can see, the 2 RBs are neck-and-neck in a few categories, but Henderson has massive leads in a few others. Overall, Akers has been the less-impressive of the 2 RBs so far, but it's way too early to call the race.
I'm not writing Akers's obituary anytime soon. The kid is still an absolute legend for recovering so quickly from what is usually a career death-sentence, and he should get better and better from here.
Fantasy football aside, I'm rooting for Akers, just like I'm rooting for J-Rob, and Sterling Shepard, and C.J. Uzomah, and basically anybody who was written off after a devastating injury. However, Akers isn't doing enough to scare me off of Hendo as a solid fantasy RB for 2022.
One factor that will be very interesting to watch in Week 3 is the receiving usage for the RBs.
While Henderson has dominated the passing downs, the target totals can't be ignored. In Week 1, Hendo saw 5 targets, while Akers saw none. In Week 2, Akers saw 3 targets, and Hendo saw none.
Considering that Henderson leads all RBs in slot/wide snaps, and is 2nd (behind Joe Mixon) in total routes run, there's a good chance that he leads Rams RBs in receiving usage in 2022.
Henderson is in line to absorb most of the high-value touches in this Rams offense, as he will be called upon to handle receiving usage, as well as redzone usage.
We may see a situation where Hendo is relegated to that role, while Akers takes carries between the 20s. Believe it or not, I think that's an ideal situation for Henderson's season-long value.
Henderson's main weakness has been his proclivity for injury. Reducing his workload, while still giving him the high-value usage, will give him great odds to finish the season healthy.
The Rams are still in win-now mode. They won't make it back to the Super Bowl by running their RBs into the ground one at a time. They will need to split the work in order to maximize their effectiveness, as well as preserve their bodies for the long haul.
If the Hendo manager in your league was spooked by Week 2, see if you can work a deal for him.
I would not be surprised if we saw something similar to a "Melvonte" situation from last year, in which both Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon were solid for fantasy (RB17 and RB18 in HPPR).
I don't think it's a given that either Rams RB asserts themselves strongly over the other, but if that were to happen, I think it's more likely that Hendo comes out on top.



Elijah Moore (WR60 in HPPR)

With all of the Garrett Wilson hype, Elijah Moore has been left for dead. Easily the most attainable player on this list, Moore shouldn't cost fantasy managers much to acquire.
In fact, there's a good chance that Moore is in the no-man's-land that every fantasy manager dreads. He's clogging a bench spot, because he's not going in the starting lineup, but it's also tough to drop him. He's the perfect add-in to a deal, as his manager is likely dying to get some value for him.
Moore has the 2nd-most routes run among all WRs. He will be seeing an increase to his targets.
I totally get the Garrett Wilson hype. I was watching the Jets-Ravens game in Week 1 live (one of my buddies is a die-hard Jets fan, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers), and Wilson simply jumped off the screen. The talent has clearly translated from college to the NFL level, and Wilson should be a favorite of... Wilson for years to come.
But Moore isn't going anywhere. NFL teams generally like to have at least TWO good receivers.
Flacco operates the Jets offense with a certain... je ne sais quois. Some might call it a disgusting dump-off fest. Some might call it a strip-sack waiting to happen. Either way, it won't be the norm for all of 2022. Zach Wilson will return (likely around Week 4), and he has infinitely more chemistry with Moore than Garrett.
Wilson and Moore played 5 full games together in 2021, and in those games, Moore averaged 8.3 fantasy points in HPPR.
That's not impressive on its own, but there's important context to add here. Firstly, that includes the career debut for both players, in which Moore caught one pass, for -4 yards. It also needs to be noted that both Wilson and Moore were taking turns getting injured all season, which is why they only had 5 full games together.
Once Zach Wilson returns in 2022, I expect to see improved chemistry on display.
The Jets offense has opened 2022 with an emphasis on getting the young RB tandem involved as much as possible, with plenty of runs and designed passes to them. The offseason signings of Tyler Conklin and C.J. Uzomah hint at a desire for lots of 2TE sets, meaning that the WR usage will be streamlined.
Stop trying to make Corey Davis happen, Gretchen. It's never gonna happen.
Based on alignments and snap rates, there's just not much room for WRs like Berrios and Davis to be fantasy-relevant without injuries to the top guys. Here's a breakdown of how the WRs have been used so far in 2022:

Elijah Moore Garrett Wilson Corey Davis Braxton Berrios
Snap Rate 88% 55% 73% 35%
Wide Rate 72% 53% 80% 21%
Slot Rate 28% 41% 20% 79%
Routes 99 71 78 39
Targets 12 22 13 5
Garrett Wilson is going to force his way onto the field more. I think that comes mainly at the expense of Corey Davis, who primarily lines up on the outside. Both Moore and (to a much greater degree) Garrett have more flexibility in where the team can line them up, and the Jets figure to run a lot of 2WR sets.
In 2021, over 27% of the Jets plays used a personnel of 2WRs or less. That may increase in 2022.
Right away in Week 1, we saw the Jets utilize 2RB formations to get both Carter and Hall on the field together. With Uzomah presumably returning to the lineup in Week 3, I expect the Jets to also lean on their 2TE sets more. While gamescripts may dictate 3+WR sets towards the end of games, it won't be the primary grouping that they begin games with.
You're losing me. Why do I want Moore again?
The Jets are a bad team. They're improving, but they still have a ways to go. There will be plenty of garbage time looks for these WRs, but it's not wise to depend on them. The good thing about Moore is that, in addition to potential garbage time, he should be involved early in games as well, once this offense gets their starting QB back.
I love the upside of Moore relative to his current value. He showed awesome talent last season, which was cut short due to injury, and now he's being completely overshadowed by the new hotness.
If you are looking to make any trades with the Moore manager in your league, see what happens if you include Moore as a throw-in. They may jump at the chance to recoup some of their "wasted" draft capital.


Brandin Cooks (WR39 in HPPR)

Time is running out to capitalize on Cooks's depressed fantasy ranking.
With so many one-hit-wonders currently clogging up the WR scoring leaders (where are the Donovan Peoples-Jones truthers at now??), Cooks will begin to chip away at the leaderboard week after week, with his consistent receiving production bringing him to a Top-24 finish by season's end.
Cooks ranks 9th among all WRs in targets (21), yet he has 0TDs and 3 drops to show for it.
The TDs will come eventually, as Cooks has logged 6TDs in each of his 2 seasons with the Texans. As for the drops, Cooks should be able to fix that, since he has averaged just 4 per season across his career.
There is some positive regression coming for Cooks, who has the 2nd-lowest catch rate among WRs with 20+ targets (only CeeDee Lamb's is worse).
Cooks has played 2 full seasons with the Texans, and has finished with catch rates of 68.1%, and 67.2%, a far cry from his current catch rate of 52.4%.
Davis Mills has not taken a step backwards, it's just the way the cookie has crumbled so far.
Mills was able to support a great 2021 campaign for Cooks, which saw him post the 13th-highest Y/RR (Yards per Route Run) among WRs with 100+ targets (there were 33 eligible WRs). That was ahead of Stefon Diggs, D.K. Metcalf, and... dare I say it? the sun god
There's not a ton of analysis that I want to give here. The point is, Brandin Cooks is still a stud, he's still going to finish as a Top-24WR, and there's a chance that not everybody feels that way.
With the jolt of life that rookie RB Dameon Pierce figures to give this lethargic rushing attack, the Texans offense should be a bit more effective than in years past.
Cooks is already set to deliver solid production purely based on volume, so the prospect of the Texans offense taking a step forward has me very excited to see what Cooks can do.
Try to grab Cooks sooner than later, because with every passing week, his double-digit targets and explosive talent will wipe away the deceptive WR ranking he currently has.



Kyler Murray (QB8 in 4pt/TD)

Despite all of the team's struggles, Baby Yoda is still one of a select few players who have a realistic shot at being the top scorer in all of fantasy football.
We are looking at rock-bottom for (a healthy) Kyler Murray, as the supporting cast around him has never been so precarious.
It's easy to forget that up until spraining his shoulder in Week 11 of 2020, Kyler was on track to have the greatest fantasy season by any player. At any position. EVER.
Seriously, it was bananas. The kid was averaging 28.4 fantasy points per game (and never scored below 20 even once), boosted by his 10 rushing TDs in 10 games.
However, in both 2020 and 2021, injuries to the QB slowed down his hot start to the season.
This time around, it's the rest of the offense that has been slow out of the gates:
In spite of all that, Kyler is doing just fine fantasy-wise, and things should only get better from here.
As the rest of the offense gets healthy, and gets into a rhythm, Kyler will have the opportunity to pile up the fantasy points. So far, Kyler hasn't seen the kind of usage we've come to expect from him (especially in terms of rushing), and I expect that to regress towards the mean as 2022 moves along.
Kyler only logged 5 rushing attempts in Week 1, and 5 rushing attempts in Week 2.
That's significant, as Kyler's rushing has been a major component of his fantasy production, and what we've seen so far is basically as low as it can go.
In the past 2 seasons, Kyler has logged just 2 games with fewer than 5 rushing attempts.
Back in 2020, when he was setting the league on fire in the first 11 weeks, Kyler was averaging 9.2 rushing attempts per game.
While his shiny new contract all but ensures that the team won't be scheming up that many runs for him, Kyler might not have a choice in the matter.
Not much was expected from the Cardinals O-Line coming into the season, and they have lived up to those mediocre expectations.
While the pass blocking has been surprisingly effective, the run blocking has been anything but, and the most effective Cardinals rusher in 2022 could very well be Kyler.
So far, James Conner has been treated to an Average Yards Before Contact of just 1.2 yards. That ranks 41st among RBs in 2022, sandwiched between Derrick Henry (1.2 yards) and Austin Ekeler (1.1 yards).
Long story short, almost everything is going wrong to start off 2022 in Arizona, and yet Kyler is still a solid play right now. He still has the upside to finish as the QB1 (yes, really), but the team needs to get its shit together.
Before they do, there's an opportunity to buy low on some elite upside. Trading for onesie positions is tricky, and very specific to your league, but I think it's safe to say that Tua Tagovailoa's emergence will factor into a lot of QB trades this week. He could be part of a larger deal to facilitate a QB upgrade, or even factor in simply by making a team's QB1 suddenly expendable.



T.J. Hockenson (TE22 in HPPR)

If you thought Hock was the last of the Set-And-Forget TE tier this season, you were rudely awakened by his first 2 games.
Hockenson posted back-to-back single-digit fantasy performances (even in full PPR), despite his QB throwing a ton, his team putting up 71 total points, and having good matchups for fantasy TEs.
The vibes aren't great, but Hockenson is underperforming at the moment, and his usage will allow him to bounce back in a big way.
Looking back at last season, Hockenson played in the first 12 games, and his pace in those games had him set to finish with some solid totals (for a TE).
Here's the 2021 season that Hockenson was on track for, before his season-ending thumb injury:
So while it was far from a dominant season, he was certainly a solid option, especially considering how consistent he was.
Hockenson saw at least an 80% snap rate in 10/12 games, he saw 8+ targets in 8/12 games, and he hauled in 6+ catches in 6/12 games.
In full PPR scoring, he managed double-digit fantasy performances in 9/12 games.
As for 2022, Hockenson's usage has picked up right where he left off in 2021.
He averaged exactly 7 targets per game last season, and in the first 2 games of 2022, Hockenson has seen exactly 7 targets in each game. Also, his snap rates of 91% and 89% are very encouraging.
Here's where Hockenson ranks among all TEs in some important stats:
So the pieces are in place for Hockenson to post another highly consistent seasons, especially relative to TEs.
Goff has looked great to start the year, and it seems as though this offense is beginning to turn a corner, with an elite O-Line allowing the promising young position players to hit their stride.
Get in on it while people are still sleeping. See if you can snag Hock before his consistency allows him to climb back into the TE leaderboard.

Were any of these guys already traded in your leagues?

If so, what was the deal?

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101 Local Multiplayer Games/Updates Released in 2020 for PlayStation 4/5

Related Posts

See below for some complementary posts I’ve made relating to the topic of local multiplayer games.


In January of this year, I made the 2021 version of this post see in the section above. As I was a making the 2022 version, I decided I may as well do 2020 as well just to cover the whole decade so far. While I didn't want to go to the lengths to make a list quite as granular as the one for 2021, I still wanted to document some of the local multiplayer games that have come out for the PS4/PS5 in 2020, since most of them are indie games that are often overlooked. Most of these games are quickly forgotten about soon after their release – if they’re thought about at all – so this is a good chance to give some of these smaller titles some much needed exposure.
To be clear, these are games that are new to the PS4/PS5 ecosystem - this includes ports from other platforms that released on the PS4/PS5 ecosystem for the first time in 2020 like Cuphead, including games from well before the 2010s. This also includes games were released in prior years but were updated to include local multiplayer support. This only applies to Untitled Goose Game - it was released in 2019 and then updated in 2020 with a local co-op component.
This includes 101 of the better ones released in on PS4/PS5 in 2020, but there were likely around 300 on these platforms. I will make mention of some of the games not included in the main list in one of the later sections.
I will post the complete 2022 version of this list in late December or January, but see the section above for a preliminary version of the list so far.

Opencritic and Its Ratings

I used the average score on Opencritic to rank the games. However, it’s worth noting that these games are scored based on their quality as an overall game, and not necessarily a local multiplayer game. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, for example, has a significant single player portion to it contributing to its high score – the local versus mode is still a lot of fun, but it’d likely score lower than its high score of 89% if it was measured solely on its local multiplayer component. Conversely, Cake Bash, for example, has no single player component, so you can be assured that its score is fully attributed to its multiplayer qualities.
That said, most of these games are full multiplayer experiences, so the scores are still a good indication. I will list the games below that have significant single player portions that might skew the ranking:
Other Notes:

40 Other Contenders Released in 2020

There were a large number of contenders for the list, and while I think I mostly captured everything truly great, there were still a considerable number of titles that could’ve qualified for the bottom half of the list. I'm going to list 40 of these with an accompanying picture.
  1. Coffee Crisis
  2. Shing!
  3. Override 2: Super Mech League
  4. Clan N
  5. M.A.C.E. Space Shooter
  6. Gigantosaurus the Game
  7. Race with Ryan: Road Trip
  8. Super Toy Cars 2
  9. Axis Football 2020
  10. Quest Hunter
  11. Ultimate Racing 2D
  12. Code Shifter
  13. Tennis World Tour 2
  14. WWE 2K Battlegrounds
  15. Fight of Animals
  16. Towaga: Among Shadows
  17. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  18. Pong Quest
  19. PBA Pro Bowling 2021
  20. Kawaii Deathu Desu
  21. Overpass
  22. Totally Reliable Delivery Service
  23. Zaccaria Pinball
  26. BRIKS Head to Head
  27. 3D Billiards: Pool & Snooker
  28. NHL 94 REWIND
  29. PGA Tour 2K21
  30. War Theatre: Blood of Winter
  31. FoxyLand 2
  32. Spirit Arena
  33. Super Sports Blast
  34. Rush Rover
  35. Spot the Difference
  36. Rugby Challenge 4
  37. Goonya Fighter
  38. Tony Stewart's All-American Racing
  39. Offroad Racing - Buggy X ATV X Moto
  40. Blast Brawl 2

Yearly Releases

Games that are released on a yearly basis were omitted to make room for other games on the list. It wouldn’t really be worth putting in the time to include a more detailed breakdown on these games when everyone knows what they are. Even so, some of these games have received exceptional review scores and may still be worth looking into if you haven’t played one of them in awhile.

Other Games

It's worth mentioning that a number of retro Arcade Archives and ACA Neo Geo games were released in 2020, just like every year. These are typically 1980s-1990s games from 2D genres with boatloads of local multiplayer games already (beat 'em ups, shoot 'em ups, run & guns, 2D platformers, etc.), so I didn't cover them in lieu of other games, but they're still worth mentioning. Typing "Arcade Archives" and "ACA Neo Geo" into the search bar in the PlayStation Store is a quick way to find several hundred local multiplayer games, although of course not all of them have it.
Pass-and-Play Games:
Standalone Mini-Game from The Jackbox Pary Pack:

Games with 5+ Players on Other Platforms

PC, Xbox One/Series X, and Switch allow up to at least 8 traditional controllers on the same console, whereas the PS4/PS5 are capped at 4. This means that some games that support 5-8 players on other platforms are cut off at 4 on the PS4/PS5. That said, the PS4/PS5 still have a few games that support 5-8 local players, either through hotseat mode (pass one controller around) or through playlink (using smartphones as controllers). The only game on the list that this applies to in 2020 is Supermarket Shriek's PvP component.

Online Multiplayer and Share Play

This is a local multiplayer-focused list, but I will still list if a game features online play as well – to put it another way, every game on this list features local multiplayer, but only some games on this list feature online multiplayer. Of course, you can always use Share Play to play local multiplayer games online on PS4/PS5 (and Parsec or Steam Remote Play on PC), and what’s great is only the host needs to own a copy of the game for it to work. That said, this feature only allows up to 60-minute sessions, so you need to restart a session if you plan on playing longer than that. All users must also be PlayStation Plus subscribers. There are some other restrictions that may apply to playing certain games via Share Play, so I recommend reading the link I shared if you’re interested in more details.

The 101

1. Dreams
2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
3. Spelunky 2
4. Overcooked! All You Can Eat
5. Cuphead
6. Spiritfarer
7. Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind +
8. Huntdown
9. Streets of Rage 4
10. Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype Definitive Edition
11. Katamari Damacy REROLL
12. Super Mega Baseball 3
13. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2
14. Inertial Drift
15. Flat Heroes
16. Dirt 5
17. Sackboy: A Big Adventure
18. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. Maxiboost On
19. Petal Crash
20. Out Of Space: Couch Edition
21. Dungreed
22. Untitled Goose Game
23. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
24. Samurai Showdown NeoGeo Collection
25. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
26. PHOGS!
27. Darksiders Genesis
28. Colt Canyon
29. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory
30. Moving Out
31. UFC 4
32. Hardcore Mecha
33. Fury Unleashed
34. Mechstermination Force
35. Cake Bash
36. 2x Darius Games - Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade & Console
37. Wildfire
38. Biped
39. Serious Sam Collection
40. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4
41. Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo
42. Police Stories
43. Haven
44. Hotshot Racing
45. Fantasy Strike
47. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
48. Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle
49. Radical Rabbit Stew
50. Minecraft Dungeons
51. The Wonderful 101: Remastered
52. 9th Dawn III
53. Family Feud
55. Spitlings
56. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
57. GONNER 2
58. Genetic Disaster
59. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions
60. 2x Namco Museum Games - Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 & 2

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